Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go, Big ... RED?!?

My friend Jason suggested that I add some pictures from Nebraska to the blog. Though he didn't say as much, I'm thinking that his implication was that, maybe, I've been a little too Kentucky-centric of late. Yeah? What else is new? After shouting "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME" (I got that from my niece - the 3 year old), I mellowed and thought, "Yeah, well. Maybe he's right." It's just that I don't have all that much to say about my trip to Nebraska. Mom, Daddy, and I had a terrific time. The 'horns crushed the 'huskers; Kentucky subsequently gave the Gamecocks their 2nd loss of the season.

Oh, and Adolph Rupp's great niece was our flight attendant on the leg from Minneapolis to Omaha!

That's actually a funny story. For some reason, as she walked the plane from stem to stern, she stopped at my seat and asked, "Where are you from?" "South Carolina," I responded. Given my vagabond upbringing, I always want to ask back, "Is that a trick question?" Feeling polite this time, though, I simply said, "South Carolina; they're (pointing to Mom and Daddy, across the aisle) from Kentucky, though."

"Oh," she said. "My great uncle used to coach in Kentucky."
"Who was your great uncle," Mom asked, playing along.
"Adolph Rupp."
(me, interrupting) "May I please have your autograph? And, perhaps, a lock of your hair?"

But there I go talking about Kentucky again when this is supposed to be an entry about Nebraska. I know, because Jason said so.

So. Nebraska. Nebraska. Nebraska.

I've got it! Though admittedly distracted by other games across the country, I still managed to pick up on some local Lincoln flavor. In a little over 24 hours in the state, I learned that Nebraskans love two things:

1) football
2) the color red

In fact, seeing their love for football and the color red, I was reminded of Kentuckians. We love two things, too.

1) basketball
2) the color blue

Son of a beesting!

I did it again.

(In all seriousness, Jason in no way implied I was being too "blue" in my posts. He did, however, request that I please post some pictures from Nebraska. I was more than happy to oblige. He did, after all, say the magic word - "pictures." I sure appreciate the feedback, Jason, or, as some of my new red-wearin' Nebraska pals might put it, "For readin', I thank you. Thankyouverymuch.")

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