Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Mam-ma MIA!" Me-uh sleep-y!

Remember that part in Aladdin where the genie says, "10,000 years will give you SUCH a crick in the neck"? Well, after Friday's travels, I feel like shouting, "5,200 nautical miles will give you SUCH a need to do nothing the next day." That's pretty much what we did all day Saturday.

The day began with the Westin's "World Famous" Buttermilk Pancakes. The way Daddy goes on about these pancakes, you would think they were flipped by Aunt Jemima in the flesh. Don't tell him I said so, but if you ask me, they don't taste all that different from the kind you can get at Cracker Barrel or, better yet, Uncle Flapjack's Pancake Cabin (with multiple East Tennessee locations to serve you!). Still, Daddy loves them (and as you can tell from his picture to the left, Camden does, too), so that's how we got our day started.

During breakfast a little competition broke out. This is Payton's new favorite thing - challenging people to contests. On the way here, he challenged me to a coloring contest (he won, but since his mama was the judge, I'm not sure it was a fair fight). At breakfast, he first challenged Daddy to tell the funniest memory from last year, and then, he challenged his siblings to a battle of accents.

I'll let you be the judge:

What do you think? I think Payton won this one, too - if not for the best accent, then because he succeeded in setting the clock of political correctness back to the time of vaudeville.

After that, we strolled oceanfront, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells that make Maui so magnificent. There are many. This place is so perfect, it's like a soundstage. I remember the first time I was here (March of 2000) being really struck by this same thought. Back then, I kept thinking that Hawaii is like the Disney World of the Pacific. In other words - perfect.

After our stroll, Sissy, David, and the kids hit the beach and the pool; Mom, Daddy, and I hit Lahaina and the spa. Oh, but between the two, and this is very important, I unpacked. I really cannot relax until my suitcase is completely unpacked. Oh, the sweet and simple joys of a neat and tidy hotel room! I also watched the second half of the Ole Miss / LSU game. Between that game going down to the wire and the Arkansas needing three overtimes to off Mississippi State, I have to say that those Mississippi schools can no longer be considered the Vanderbilts of the SEC West! They are both looking really great. By the way, can we please discuss how in the world the West ended up so much stronger than the East this year?

Doesn't matter.

We then went for dinner at Round Table Pizza. This is the place Payton mentioned in his "spot-on" accent. After that, we strolled at Whaler's Village, which is a shopping area next door to our hotel. And then? Bed. At long last. In seeing the events of the day all spelled out like that, it makes me think that maybe we were busier than we intended to be. Maybe today will be lazy?

Probably not.

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