Monday, December 20, 2010

"Christmas card's a'comin'! Christmas card's a'comin' ...!"

I haven't sent Christmas cards in years.

Much as I might want to, I always end up making the ultimate decision that that money can be better spent on things like heat and food, but it always makes me feel guilty, too, never responding to an assortment of greetings from friends, their babies and family vacations featured on the front of a tri-fold card.

I used to love participating in this exchange. Weeks in advance, I'd select several boxes of cards and fill them out while watching White Christmas the nite after Thanksgiving. Then came more expenses and less income and the fact that, since I don't have any babies, what in the world am I gonna feature on the front of the tri-fold card?

This year, though, none of that matters. This year, I have a Christmas card. I didn't actually send any in the old fashioned, stamp-and-envelope sense of the word, but thanks to, my Mac's GRAB application, and some underwriters here in the blogosphere, I give you my Christmas card. It's one Kentucky fan's way of saying, "I'll have a BLUE Christmas without you."


  1. Why is Lori on the card twice???... and I am on there only once??? I am your sister, for Pete's sake! Merry Christmas! See you tomorrow.

  2. But you're in the BIG one. Quality over quantity!