Monday, August 30, 2010

Goin' back to Maui, to Maui, to Maui ...

To know me is to know my sister's children. "The Four I Adore," I call them, and though none is more adore-able than the next, I do think that 10 1/2 year-old Camden hits new heights in this video clip. Here's the backstory: Cam's souvenir from our 2009 trip to Maui was a ukelele. He's been practicing on it ever since - and working on his vocals, as well. I am, admittedly, biased, but I think you'll be as impressed as I am with the end result. By the way, as you watch it, try not to focus on the fact that my father was filming it while driving down a hilly, curvy, country road near his home in Lexington, KY.
The moral of the story? Well, there are three. First, my sweet little Cammy Doodle is every bit as cute today as he was as a baby. Second, Daddy should be way more careful about his driving, and third? I REALLY want one of those Flip Video cameras.


  1. Wow, Camden! I have that song on my iPod. I never realized that was you singing & playing the uke! You're phenomenal! :-)

  2. It must be all that practicing you two have done together:)