Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Cards Come but Once a Year

There are a million reasons why I love Christmas. The music, the presents, the way my dad looks in his favorite holiday sweater. One of my favorite things about Christmas, though, is checking the mail every day and finding a stack of photo cards from friends far and near. This year is no different. Taped around the entryway to our living room (just the way my Mayme did it!) are the bright and smiling faces of folks Jeremy and I hold so dear.

Another thing I hold so dear, however, is the idea of finishing - finally! - the wedding-related thank you notes that I still (shame on me) have to write, so instead of adding another stack to my already lengthy list of correspondence to-dos, I've decided to do the unforgivable and go all techno this holiday. Here, in place of a piece of mail, are mine and Jeremy's warmest wishes for a merry Christmas that leaves you thinking, "oh! What fun!" and is full of family, laughter, and love.

And you can look out for an actual "piece of mail" as soon as these thank yous are written ... maybe Valentine's Day or, at the rate I'm going, the Fourth of July!

In the meantime, merry Christmas, Y'all!

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  1. We need to get together and have a thank you writing party! How's next week look for you? Lunch at our favorite place & lots of writing? :-)