Friday, September 3, 2010

U-S-C! GooooOOOOOO, Cocks!

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Well, as is to be expected when an S-E-C team plays what appeared to be a peewee squad from a Deep South parish, Carolina beat Southern Miss decidedly. The final score was 41 to 13. This surprises me, because I honestly don't remember Southern Miss scoring at all. Maybe the new "we're all winners" mentality has prompted the NCAA to give S-E-C visitors a certain number of gimme points for every touchdown scored? Does that make me sound like an S-Elitist? Yeah. I probably need to tone down my loyalties to football's dominant conference. I'll work on that the same way I'm trying not to shout "SUCK IT" every time I see Lane Kiffin on SportsCenter. In other words, it won't be easy.

Anyway, I totally wasn't planning to post about the game, until I discovered Shutterfly's snappy new tool, which allows me to post a slideshow directly to my blog. No muss, no fuss! How cool is that?! Clearly, I'm still in the "enamored" stage with all of these new-to-me technologies, so enjoy the pics. One of my favorites is the panoramic. My new camera, which I bought at the beach after an unfortunate incident with my old camera and a mound of sand, takes panoramics. Talk about "still in the enamored stage."

My second favorite is the one of Leslie looking towards who-knows-what on her right. You see, we were taking photos for the cover of our new album "I Went to Columbia and Didn't Even Get Shot" when Les went all emo on me. Either that, or she was feeling what the Eagles might've felt on the long road back to Southern Miss.

All kidding aside (though the part about Lane Kiffin was totally NOT kidding), it was a great nite! Cool, even in Columbia, and a perfect kick-off to College Colors Day. Speaking of which, I hope you're wearing yours!

You KNOW I'm in mine.

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