Monday, December 13, 2010

a present from Christmas past

What is Christmas if not a time to reflect on holidays gone by? Because PC's classes ended 10 days ago, and because UK doesn't play again until Saturday (O.M.Geeeee!), I find myself with a LOT of time to reflect, so some of my memories may wind up here on the blog. I'll start with this one:

Behold my favorite 7 year old when she was 2 1/2. It was 2005, and Sissy's family and I were all out in Midway, KY, seeing Santa and doing some shopping. As you'll see from the video below, the hula class Lizzie Gray and I took in Hawaii was hardly her first turn on the dance floor. Check out baby Bess as she checks out this rockin' Rudolph. Even then, she had better hair than I could ever hope to.

Oh, and I'm not sure where she got all that rhythm. The hula-hoop swivel hips, however, are most definitely a gift from her grandmother.


  1. No question the girl can dance but I'd argue she got her rhythm from her Pop!

    Don't even go to New Year's memories because you'll have to bring out Brian J. doing MJ Hammer.

  2. Actually, Brian J. did Joey Joe from NKOTB.

    "Please don't do, Durrrrlllll."

    And don't forget Lori and I - we had our routine to "Be True to Your School." UK should make it a halftime show sometime. We'd put those little jump ropers in their place!

  3. Go Lizzie Gray! And I agree with the halftime thing...and I also love your new blog photo! I was sure it was an ostrich egg!

  4. "Coach said you'd gotten cut ... OHHHHHHH, 'CUUUUTTTT.'"

    Raise your hand, if you love Peyton Manning.

    Btw, Daddy - can you hook up that half-time show?