Thursday, March 17, 2011

'Cat Scratch Fever

On Sunday, March 6th, I was at Thompson-Boling Arena.

The 'Cats had fallen to the Vols there last year, so I showed up for the rematch to be sure it didn't happen again. After all, this season has had more than its share of Conference road losses. In fact, before its Sunday stand in Knoxville, UK had exactly one SEC win outside of Rupp. One. Did you hear me say "ONE"?!? I was at this ONE WIN - but, interestingly, didn't make it to any other road contests. Coincidence? I think not.

Given this, I naturally assumed myself to be some sort of Big Blue Good Luck Charm. That - plus the fact that I'm dating a really sweet guy who very patiently indulges my UK fixation - compelled me to take a day trip to Tennessee. Consider it a sort of "scouting expedition" in advance of our plans to attend the following weekend's SEC Tournament in "Catlanta."

The Vols started off hot; the Cats, on the other hand, were "colder than a midget in a 'frigerator." Bruce Pearl's players took a 7 point lead into half-time, leaving me furious at Kentucky's seeming offensive apathy. Putting down my box of popcorn, I turned to Jeremy and huffed, "I am NOT going next weekend. If this is how they're gonna play, there is no use in us investing a ton of money to see a single game before being sent back home by the lackluster play of these no-good, second-rate, spoiled-brat little basket-boys."

"Sweetie," Jeremy said, his cooler head prevailing, "it's just the first half."

At this point, it has probably become clear that Jeremy's a North Carolina fan. As such, he's used to trailing at half-time and to watching teams full of "no good, second-rate, spoiled brat little basket-boys" (as I always tell him, "Five National Championships is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe someday, y'all will catch up to our SEVEN"). I'm guessing that's why he was able to keep such a level-head.

Regardless of why, he was right (he usually is). The 'Cats opened Act II on a 7-0 run, eventually winning the contest and leaving me writing out a packing list for our Tourney trip, while Jeremy drove us home from Knoxville, making fun of me the entire time for ever saying "I am NOT going next weekend."

Boy, am I ever glad I did.

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