Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the Academy Award for "#1" Performance by a Father in a Phone Message goes to ...

Not being much of a film buff, I typically don't pay all that much attention to the Oscars. By that I mean that I don't pay attention to them AT ALL. I'll be honest, though: this year, my interest in the late-February fete is somewhat piqued, for I believe that my dad may have just turned in a performance that is every bit as deserving of acclaim as any foreign language film that has ever been nominated.

As proof, I present to you the sound file below. In it, Daddy - who is completely self-taught, I'll have you know - performs as Anna Faris' character from the film House Bunny. Though I've not seen it personally, I'm sure this movie is just as Oscar-worthy as my father's interpretation of it.

See for yourself.

Watch this:

And then listen to this:

Am I right, or am I right?

Billy Crystal, get this man a gold statue.

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  1. I was already intimidated by your father. Now, it's more of a very clear terror.