Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something to CHOMP on

It's a slippery slope.

First, you let yourself fall in love with a Tarheel, and next thing you know, you're driving a "comped" Chrysler and trading a pair of gold pants for a tattoo that says, "I [HEART] JIM TRESSEL."

Well, maybe it's not THAT bad just yet, but I am about to have a little lovefest for a certain Florida Gator. For a Wildcat like myself, I might as well just say, "Laettner is a saint," or "the Devils deserved to win in 1992."

As if.

My point is, I've come a long way, Baby. Outspokenly narrow-minded in my athletic affections, it's no secret that I bleed blue. Royal blue. Still, I can't help but confess that I think (former UF QB) Tim Tebow is just terrific. In fact, my unmitigated support of #15 inpsired me to wear a Gator tat (no gold pants were traded in exchange for this ink) on my cheek to the 2009 SEC Championship game. While I'm not, necessarily, proud of that fact, I am INCREDIBLY proud of the stand that Tebow has taken for his Christian faith. Nowhere did he stand more strongly, perhaps, than on a recent episode of Mike Huckabee's show on Fox News.

The cynical side of me whispers, "Yeah, Kristin. This time six months ago, you respected Jim Tressel for all the same reasons. You HAVE to expect that Tebow's gonna end up just like him. The 'faith' he wears is nothing more than a uniform he puts on before leading the team out of the locker room." I hope, and I pray that that's not the case. I hope that Tebow continues to seek God as the Source of his (super human) strength to stand as strongly as he always has, so that if I ever have a son, I can pray, "Please, Father, help him to be as firm in HIS faith as the Gator it's impossible to hate."

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