Monday, June 6, 2011

"Show me that smile again ..."

I've already alluded to the fact that I'm not a parent. Still, there's something about this article on parenting that I really like. My friend Leslie (ALSO not a parent; cats don't count) emailed it to me, and though I'd typically have seen the words "Parenting 101" in the subject line and deleted it before you can say "How many days 'til football season?" (87, FYI), I somehow read this one and, somehow, found myself relating to it - probably the parts about watching too many Growing Pains reruns and going to "church every Wednesday and twice on every Sunday."

Parent or not, check it out here. After you do, come back and post a comment, preferably one describing your most dreamy Mike Seaver memory.



  1. I read the article a few weeks ago...I think it's great. His description of the conversation with his child is accurate. And I agree that we DO over-analyze in our generation. Too many blogs, maybe. :) (kidding.)
    Sometimes I don't have to correct the situation that my child creates. I'm not the Holy Spirit, and I don't have to force compliance. In fact, I have three very different children, and two of them can be very compliant. But that doesn't mean that their hearts are perfect when they comply. That takes time.
    Ass for Mike Seaver, thanks. Now I've got a song in my head!

  2. Thanks, Brenda:) You're the only person who obeyed my request for a comment - which also probably means you're the only person who READ the post:)

    Thanks for BOTH of those things:)

  3. whew...that was deep ~ or really not really ~ but anywho... I liked it.
    There's definitely a LOT of thinking going on with this parenting thing...maybe WAY TOO MUCH over-THINKING and not enough over-praying!!!
    It's always nice to read things like that, though...reminds you that you're not alone and gets your perspectives back on track.
    nice. thanks, Kris!