Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Run, Lori, run!

Judging by this photo,
can you guess which
of us had modeling
classes as a child?
The video below contains several of my favorite things: running, Disney World, and my cousin Lori. If she were filmed carrying a Kentucky pom pom in one hand and an ice cold Coca-Cola in the other, we might just have achieved Utopia.

For nearly a year now, Lori's been serving on the Walt Disney World Mom's Panel. It's an incredible, dream-come-true kind of gig you get by either promising Mickey he and Min can raise your first born child as their own or by participating in so many RunDisney events that that the folks in Orlando can't help but take notice. That's the way Lori landed it (well, that plus an incredibly competitive selection process!), and she's doing as great a job on the panel as she did in the video.

Mayme would be so proud, Leri!

But I'd STILL be her favorite.


  1. excited for your "biscuit" :) very exciting -

  2. And Lori didn't even break a sweat.

    I must be doing it wrong when I try to run...