Monday, June 25, 2012

my Happy Place

a man in his element
What's your Happy Place?

To be honest, mine kinda changes, depending on the season and my mood. When it's fall, I wanna be in a football stadium. Summertime? Pawleys Island, please, and there is rarely (by which I mean "never") a time when I don't strongly desire to be at Walt Disney World or wherever I'll find the Four I Adore, OR, better yet, at Walt Disney World with the Four I Adore. "Happy"? Try "euphoric."

I wish you could see this circa 1996
jet ski up close. On the side of its
purple body is written the word
"Jeremy." In turquoise. If I didn't
already love him, I'm pretty sure
that ultra-retro Dream Machine
would seal the deal
for my Tarheel.
Jeremy's way more consistent than I. Since he was small enough to dream of being "a race car driver or, perhaps, a sports announcer," his Happy Place has been a spot called Lake Chatuge in Hayesville, NC. His family's been spending summers there since Kawasaki was selling stand-up jet skis. Since we met, I've started tagging along on lake weekends and have come to really like this place, but Jeremy? He LOVES it.

That explains why we've already spent a couple of weekends out there this summer. One of those weekends, in fact, offered something for both of us - he got to be on the water. I, on the other hand, got to know that Confederate Railroad was opening for George Jones (assuming "No Show" showed) at a venue sitting on the banks of the lake. Sweetly, he suggested we ride the boat over to see if we could catch any of the concert while parked in the pontoon. Unfortunately, we couldn't. We could, however, ride around the massive lake for such a long time afterwards that the sky was pitch black before we headed back to the house.

fiery sky
Since it was late - and I'm pregnant - I was laying on the bench seat in front of Jeremy's Captain's Chair. As we cruised, I was in an out of a snooze, intermittently thinking about the feel of the spray on my skin and wondering whether I was seeing the Big or the Little Dipper.

What I wasn't thinking about was the fact that we were essentially in the middle of an ebony desert. Lake landmarks that lead the way by day were completely enveloped by the dark of nite. To me, a Lake Chatuge newbie, everything looked as non-descript as an early-pregnancy ultrasound; one cove was completely indistinguishable from the other.

In spite of this, though, I wasn't afraid. After all, this is Jeremy's lake! He knows it in right, out right, right up right, down right! Why in the world would I be worried that he'd get us lost?! Worrying, in fact, didn't even cross my mind ... until it crossed my mind that it hadn't crossed my mind.

"Man," I thought, suddenly stricken by the dark of the nite, "I can't believe I'm not scared. I must really trust this man!"

Then it hit me: shouldn't I just as blindly trust the Lord? After all, the whole UNIVERSE is His "lake." Exponentially better than Jeremy knows Chatuge, our loving God "knows the plans He has for me ..." (Jer. 29:11). After all, He planned my days before one of them came to pass (Ps. 139: 16). Still, instead of lounging mindlessly while He steers the ship of my life, I try to sit shotgun. I want to see the map of where we're heading before we even leave the dock. Surely, I'll have some input as to the route we'll take. Certainly, my way is better. Right?


"HIS way is perfect ..." (Ps. 18:30).

Realizing that and trusting it as blindly as I trusted my husband on our pitch-colored cruise?

Now THAT is a happy place.
our midnite ride


  1. LOVE sweet friend. I miss you. Praying for your pregnancy. I am SO SO SO excited for you. This post was absolutely beautiful. You are a GREAT writer and have blessed me tonight.

  2. JUST what I needed to read tonight. And guess what...your writing style makes me happy. Thank you for sharing!