Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Three Must-Haves for Baby's First Three Months

What I wouldn't give to nap in a fanny-hammock like that!
So, obviously, I'm new at this motherhood thing.

Though I spent the better part of the last thirteen years acting as if - even wishing that - my sister's children belonged to me, I, technically, wasn't a mama myself until the recent coming of my sweet son, who is, at this very moment, whimpering like a dejected puppy dog, because I DARED to put him down for a nap. The nerve of me.

All that to say, anyway, that I'm not setting myself up as an expert here.  People - remember my sister? - have been at it far longer than I have. There are, however, a few things I've learned, since giving birth last October, and though most of my friends are well past the baby stage, there are some who aren't, and for those, I offer these "Three Must-Haves for the First Three Months."

1) The Britax B-Agile Stroller.  I tell you this: if I could, I would ride around in this thing myself. As smoothly as it strolls, it feels like the Lexus of travel systems, though at a Toyota price. Remembering my sister's hard-to-maneuver, circa 1999 stroller, I was determined to find one that was easy to glide. With the Britax, my mission was accomplished. Think cutting through butter - only not the hard kind of butter that's been in the fridge for a few weeks, the kind that's been softened by sitting out on the counter, because your mom forgot to put it up after making the mashed potatoes. Now, that's SMOOTH.

That fact alone is reason enough to love it. Imagine that ease, however, coupled with the convenience of two-step folding. You push a button; you pull a strap. As Velvet Jones would say, "It's as simple as that." I use this stroller for everything - I take it in to restaurants instead of using a high chair; I lay the reclining seat flat for emergency diaper changes. Occasionally, I even use it to stroll my son. I do not have the words to express how much I love this lightweight-but-sturdy piece of mechanical mastery.

Just as fantastic is the ...

Thank you, Aunt Belva! I love it!
2) Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper.  Soon enough, Jones will graduate to a Pack & Play for sleeping in when we travel. Until then, this little beauty has been all across the Southeast with our little family. He also naps in it here at home and, if you must know, sits in while I'm taking my daily bath(s). This one came HIGHLY recommended to me and with good reason. It's every bit as necessary as advertised.

As is the ...

3) Especially for Baby Bath Sling. Jones's first-ever bath was given in a tub. It was then that I realized if I'm going to do squats, I'll do them in the gym, thank you very much. Thanks to this lightweight, inexpensive sling, all subsequent baths have been given as God intended them ... at a respectable height in the kitchen sink, using this seat. This thing takes the stress out of wetting a soapy, squirmy newborn. And he seems to like it, too. He's big enough now that I don't have to hold on to him every second he's sitting in it. Tonite, in fact, the relaxed look on his face seemed to say, "Mama, how about turning on some Zac Brown and rustling up a paper umbrella to top off my bottle?"

So there you have it.

Babies R Us would have you believe that it takes WAY more than these. Things that sing and shake and vibrate in the nite are as necessary to their brand of motherhood as sugar is to sweet tea, but I'm here to tell you, they aren't. At least in my experience, they aren't. In my experience, all the tangibles you actually need are these.

Oh, yeah. And diapers. And a crib. And a swing. And ... well, nevermind.

What are YOUR favorite things for Baby?


  1. Very neat to read and pass along, Kristin.
    "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD by Dr. Harvey Karp.
    Anything that helped me swaddle him.
    Swings--yes I had more than one.
    Diaper Champ.
    Diaper wipe warmer, and having a mobile right above him on the changing table.
    About now, he loved the play mat with toys above his head.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment - and for sharing the post! He is JUST now starting to love his swing, but you're right. The playmat is another essential. He's loved it from day one, and I almost included it here, but "Three Must Haves for Three Months" was so much catchier than "Four Must Haves for the First Three Months." :) It was the first alternate, though! I'm going to try to be better about blogging more regularly, so stay tuned!