Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bye, Bye, Babies: Ten Days Without the Four I Adore

As the family addage goes, here the kids are "prayed up,
packed up, ready to go ..." on their second visit to Poland.
I don't know who my sister thinks she is.

Yesterday, she and my brother-in-law left for a mission trip to Poland, which, in and of itself, isn't even slightly offensive. But here's the catch.  She took every single one of the Four I Adore with her.


After dropping them off at the airport, I discussed the subject with my friend Leslie.  "Shouldn't she at least leave one ... as collateral?!" I asked. "Plus, it just makes fiscal sense. One less child times three meals a day times ten days in Poland equals buying a whole lot more of that Turon gingerbread they've been bragging about since their last trip!"

Camera-shy Camden didn't get
out of the frame fast enough
on this one!  Caught ya', Doodlebug!
I had Payton and Lila convinced. Turns out, if you promise an aspiring filmmaker you'll take him to Hollywood, he'll follow you to the moon and back again (Lila just made me promise we'd watch her new "Little Miss Sunshine" DVD.  Can do, Kiddo!). Sissy, on the other hand, was harder to persuade, so that leaves me ten days without a single squeeze from the four most precious people in the world.

Thank God for SKYPE!

And thank God for their safe travels.

And thank God for videos like this to tide me over, until my boys and girls get back home where they belong.

If you think of the Nunnerys over the next several days, please do pray for their safety, health, and for their undelayed return to the U S of A, where Aunta will be waiting, as always, with "candy in one hand and a camera in the other!"

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